About us

Without you, our customer, there would be no us. We are a mother-daughter duo living out our dream. My name is Meagan and I am co-owner with my precious mother, Cathy. Plus, we have an amazing staff just as passionate as we are. My mom remembers wanting to own a shop since a very young age. That desire only grew when she worked at a popular hometown shop when she was in her 20's. Afterwards, she worked for a large corporate company and owned a business with my dad, but the love she had for retail never went away. You've heard the saying "like mother, like daughter." I, too, have shared that same desire. I have always had the passion to help women feel better about themselves through the clothes they wear and the desire to inspire others with style, fashion, design and atmosphere. Prior to owning our own boutique, I managed a popular hometown shoe store, I wrote a fashion/lifestyle blog for several years and dabbled in personal shopping/styling.

Finally, in the Fall of 2012, just two days before my daughter's first birthday, my mother and I decided to live out our long-awaited dream, and open a women's clothing boutique. Thus, our brick and mortar store was born.  I love when I hear how pleasant of a shopping environment we offer.  In a society where personal contact and friendly customer service is lacking, our focus has always been and will always be you, the customer.  Our mission has always been to hand pick unique items with an emphasis on quality at a great, fair price.  We follow the trends but feel more drawn to pieces that you will want to keep and wear throughout many seasons.  An HH woman is one who appreciates great style and chooses a wardrobe filled with a variety of pieces to inspire a new personal vibe each day. After all, we believe fashion should always be evolving and never be taken too seriously!